Bachelor of Public Health

Bachelor of Public Health (B.P.H)


Global health occurs during the context of international communication which resulted in health issues that rapidly spread across the globe. People need to obtain health literacy that enable them to take care of themselves and others. The Bachelor of Public Health focuses on producing graduates with learning skills in 21st century, moral, ethics, and core competencies according to community and international public health professional standards. With these skills, graduates are able to lead, change, and improve health literacy as well as apply the digital technology to communicate about health with all group of people and develop the sustainable health system under the againg society.

 Pragmatism' is used as a teaching philosophy for this program which focuses on practical training from real situations and internships as well as encourages graduates to obtain the learning skills in the 21st century. Core competences according to community and international public health professional standards are emphasized. These skills are essential for creating change, developing leaders, improving health literacy, and applying digital technology to health communication with all group of people.


Programme Objective

To produce public health graduates with learning skills in 21st century, moral, and ethics, the graduates who are a leader for change and improvement of health literacy as well as emphasis the community and international public health professional standards under the aging society at individual, family and community level. Moreover, the graduates will obtain skills such as diagnosis, management, and solving holistic health problems. They will be able to adapt the theories into creating the research and innovation, apply appropriate ways of communication both in professional and academic, work well with multidisciplinary and related personels under the global health context, as well as comprehend the entreprenuership framework.

1. Public Health Officer

2. Public Health Policy Maker

3. Research Assistant

4. International Organization Professional


PLO-1 Perform a good discipline, honesty, and responsibility to their role and society including expressing their behaviours according to public health professional ethics.

PLO-2 Apply concepts and theories of public health to conduct a basic health research and create health innovation.

PLO-3 Perform as a leader in health behaviours and literacy to improve people health in a various contexts of community.

PLO-4 Act as teamwork and collaboration under the context of multicultural society.

PLO-5 Illustrate a high performance on health data analysis, interpretation, and communication using a proper technology and suitable language.

PLO-6 Perform excellent public health-care skill in individual, family, and community levels, for sustainability.

Thai Sudents 200,000 THB for the whole program// 25,000 THB for one semester

International Students 260,000 THB for the whole program// 32,500 THB for one semester