Bachelor of Science Program in Sports and Health Science

Bachelor of Science (Sports and Health Science)

B.Sc. (Sports and Health Science)

Leading in sports and health program.

To produce graduates with the competence of sports and health scientists in accordance with international standards. Have morality, ethics, integrity, and professional ethics. with outstanding skills in Personal fitness coaching for all ages Have the ability to lead changes in physical fitness. Creating sports and health science innovations, including digital technologies and related sciences. Ability to use a third language for a career in both the public and private sectors as an independent entrepreneur in society. Multiculturalism can adapt to changes in world society and adapt to an aging society.

1. Coach/ trainer
2. Sports scientist
3. Sports and exercise researcher
4. Teacher
5. Fitness coach in professional sports team national sports team or sports club
6. Personal trainer in fitness, hotel, wellness center, or hospital
7. Employees in government work related to sports science. and exercise
8. Employees in private company work related to sports science. and exercise
9. Business owners related to sports science and exercise
10. Online Fitness Trainer

PLO 1: Organize personal training programs in accordance with international standards.

PLO 2: Apply sports and health science knowledge to enhance sports performance and physical health.

PLO 3: Design sports and health business plans.

PLO 4: Create sport and health innovation concepts.

PLO 5: Demonstrate leadership skill and interpersonal skills including communication and teamwork in a multicultural society.

PLO 6: Demonstrate a professional code of ethics, morals, and responsibility

Tuition fee for the entire course 200,000 Baht

Tuition fee per semester 25,000 Baht

 The University Council of Mae Fah Luang University

Sports and Health Science programme was benchmarking pass rate percentage with SS SWU (B.Sc. Sports Science, Srinakharinwirot University) in the academic year 2015-2021