Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Health

Mae Fah Luang University

School of Health Science
Department of disease control, Ministry of public health
International Health Policy Program, Ministry of public health

Thailand Higher Education

Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health), Major Epidemiology
Ph.D. (Public Health), Major Epidemiology

Public Health, Major Epidemiology

To produce epidemiologists with integrity, ethics, knowledge and experience for both prevention and control health threats in real situations. To produce epidemiologists with high potential to conduct advanced research or innovative to develop effective systems, mechanisms to prevent and control health threats in vulnerable and complex populations caused by differences from social, cultural, environmental, geography, habitat, and demographic background. As well as leading to the development of health policy

1. Applicants hold a master degree in the field of public health, health science or medicine;
2. Those who apply for the plan 1.1, applicants have to have at least two academic published papers in international journals which are indexed in the Scopus, Web of Science, PUPMED, or other databases. The applicant should be indexed as the first author or corresponding author at least one paper;
3. Applicants must present one of the following English proficiency test while submission their application.
MFU-TEP (B2) 60
*The English proficiency test result should not exceed two years since the exam date.
** Those who are English native speaker which is considered by their original of residency are exempted to present the English proficiency test.

Plan 1.1 (Dissertation-based)
Prerequisite course (2) Non-credit
Required courses (5) Non-credit
Dissertation 48 Credits
Total 48 Credits

Plan 2.1
Prerequisite course (2) Non-credit
Required course-I 9 Credits
Required course-II (5) Non-credit
Elective course 3 Credits
Dissertation 36 Credits
Total 48 Credits