Master of Public Health Program in Border Health Management

Mae Fah Luang University

School of Health Science

M.P.H. (Border Health Management)

Master of Public Health in Border Health Management

The expected learning outcomes have been formulated and aligned with the vision and missions of the University. The graduates' programme learning outcomes (PLOs) are developed and explicitly stated in the curriculum. The graduates will demonstrate the following characteristics::
1. Express honesty and make decisions based on personal and professional ethics.
2. Master theories, concepts, principles, and practices of public health sciences and related sciences in community health system management.
3. Demonstrate complex system thinking skills and integrate public health sciences and associated sciences in solving problems and developing sustainable community health solutions.
4. Create research or initiate the development of public health innovations or use empirical evidence to systematically solve problems and develop complex public health work.
5. Lead using change agent skills in health management of at-risk populations, including ethnic minorities, migrants, refugees, border and fringe populations.
6. Display teamwork skills with a multidisciplinary health agency in a multinational organization using high-quality, up-to-date empirical evidence and digital technology to analyze, plan and communicate border health management projects.
7. Design, implement, and evaluate programs/projects/health systems/health insurance systems for complex health management, community, and border health systems.

1)Hold a Bachelor’s degree in health sciences such as public health, medical doctor, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, medical technology and/or related area with GPA at least 2.50 point;
2)Pass the program admission examination;
3)In case of having GPA less than 2.50, the applicant must have a work experience at least 2 years in field of public health which need a certification from the head of organization.

Document required:
1)Statement of purpose, documenting the applicant’s reasons for pursuing a Master’s degree in this field of study and his/her related background and experience
2)A certified copy of undergraduate transcripts, confirming that all Bachelor’s degree requirements have been met, and of a certified copy of a Bachelor’s degree
3)English proficiency score report (TOEFL, IELTS, MFU-TEGS, CU-TEPS, etc.)
4)Physical examination form from a doctor (certification)
6)Recent 1-inch photograph


Online application:

Study Plan
Plan A1 (Thesis only) (36 Credits) (2 Years Plan)
Plan A2 (Course works and Thesis) (36 Credits) (2 Years Plan)
Plan B (Course works and Independent Study) (36 Credits) (2 Years Plan)
  1) Pre-requesite 0 Credit
   - 1804731 New Paradigm of Public Health 0 Credit
   2) Core courses 7 Credits
   3) Professional courses 23 Credit
   4) Independent Study 6 Credits

18 February 2023