Bachelor of Public Health

DegreeAcademic ProgrammeLength of Programme
B.P.H.Public Health4 Years

PLO 1: Discipline; honesty and truthfulness; sense of duty and social responsibility; and compliance with the community public health professional ethics;

PLO 2: Ability to explain basic principles, concepts, and theories of public health, of undertaking research studies and creating innovations, of global public health and healthcare dynamism; of independent entrepreneurship, and of other related sciences;

PLO 3: Leadership skill in making a difference to develop healthcare well-roundedness, in analysing community health problems and systematically synthesising solutions to keep abreast with the global healthcare dynamism, in examining problems and designing sustainable solutions through multidisciplinary integration of scientific process, research, and development of healthcare innovations;

PLO 4: Efficient coordination skill; responsibility; respecting and honouring others’ rights in working as a team in multidisciplinary, cross-cultural contexts;

PLO 5: Biostatistical analysis skill; use of up-to-date digital technologies to search for information on public health and related sciences; and ability to use a foreign language to communicate health-related information in the community public health profession; and

PLO 6: Ability to work in accordance with community and global public health standards, to serve the aging society at both individual and family levels, and to sustainably develop community healthcare systems in multicultural environments.

                                                • 32,500 Baht per semester
                                                • 260,000 Baht per programme

                                                • Programme Structure
                                                  • Bachelor of Public Health Programme
                                                  • Total credits: 142 credits (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)

                                                    1. General Education Course 30 credits

                                                    2. Specific Requirement Course 106 credits

                                                          2.1  Core Course 31 credits

                                                          2.2  Major Required Course 65 credits    

                                                          2.3  Major Elective Course 10 credits   

                                                    3. Free Elective Course 6 credits


                                                (Refer to Bachelor of Public Health Program Year 2022)